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20cm wide 300gsm Unidirectional Basalt Fibre


20cm wide 300gsm Unidirectional Basalt Fibre

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Basalt fibre is in a lot of ways a better alternative to fibreglass, made from basalt, a hard, dense, volcanic rock. It provides high temperature performance and superior strength.

It offers a middle ground between glass and carbon, and can be a cheaper alternative when carbon fibre would be considered ‘over engineering’.

Additionally basalt fibre is naturally UV resistant, and can maintain its physical integrity up to 1000 deg C!

Width of roll – 20 cm


  • High mechanical strength and modulus.
  • High resistance to chemical aggressive environment and in particular high alkali resistance will not allow to appear of rust or corrode.
  • Minimizes crack width and spread.
  • Easy to install and use. No special equipment is required.
  • Extremely low coefficient of heat conductivity significantly reduces heat transfer from building exteriors to interiors and significantly improves energy efficiency.
  • Much higher electrical resistance compared to steel.
  • Basalt mesh is environment friendly and based on naturally occurring material that is found worldwide
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Basalt fabrics for electro technical purposes are used as a base for the production of insulation materials. These materials are employed in the production of substances for printed circuit boards for electronics and electrical engineering. These have superior properties to similar conventional components made of fibreglass. General-purpose fabrics are useful, for example in fire feltings for suppression of extremely complex fires resulting from ignition of highly flammable liquids, in particular gasoline. The employments of incombustible basalt fabric inserts in industrial ventilators increase their fire safety as well as the fire resistance of ventilating systems. The cost of basalt fabrics is considerable lower than that of similar materials. The non-combustible properties of basalt woven materials enable it to resist flames for long periods that make basalt tapes effective as an extra fine resistant insulation for electrical cables and underground ducts. Basalt-fabrics hoses may be useful for reinforcing cables, repairing the interior and exterior of tubes and pipelines.


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