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DIY Laminating kit

DIY Laminating kit


Kit contains:

When unrolled the reinforcement material is 1000mm long and 300mm wide.

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Whether you’re a fabricator in need of a small amount of material or a beginner, our Laminating Kit provides you with all the necessary materials for making small parts with a reinforcement of your choice.

DIY Laminating Kit gives you a choice of 5 different reinforcement materials such as 200gsm twill (non-set) weave carbon fibre fabric, 330gsm twill weave basalt fibre, 200gsm twill aramid (kevlar) fibre and 200gsm fibreglass cloth. Laminating epoxy resin system is ideal for laminating or wet lay-up.

Because this kit uses only top quality materials it is as equally suited for novice experimentation as for small scale professional use.

Use this kit for:
  • Experimenting with making small parts
  • Reinforcing an existing product
  • Repairing a product such as fishing rod, bike, yacht mast/boom, auto body part, surf, skateboards etc

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm

200gsm fibreglass cloth, 200gsm twill (non-set weave) carbon fibre fabric, 200gsm twill aramid fibre fabric, 240gsm twill set weave carbon fibre fabric, 330gsm twill basalt fibre fabric


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